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Patti White

Morningside Elementary
Salt Lake City, Utah

Patti White began teaching for Granite School District in 1981.  After graduating from the University of Utah with a BS in Elementary Education, she received her gifted endorsement, and then her Masters of Education from Utah State University. For the last twelve years she has been teaching in a sixth-grade gifted classroom at Morningside Elementary in Millcreek. She has presented science and gifted strategies at numerous conferences and has taught the science classes for the fourth and sixth grade teachers for Granite School District.  Patti has been a curriculum specialist, written service learning lessons for the State Office of Education, National Energy Foundation and mentored other teachers through the Future Problem Solving (FPS) Community Problem Solving process. One of her biggest accomplishments has been the $130,000 savings to the Granite School District’s Transportation Department since her class began their “Turn Your Key be Idle Free” campaign. Her team lead the first idle free school campaigns in Utah and have a video on Utah Clean City’s website to teach others how to save fuel and improve air quality.  Patti has worked with Professor Dave Richerson on the University of Utah’s Junior UTES program, and on various projects with Utah Clean Cities. ConocoPhillips and Big West Oil have given donations to provide training and travel for her teams which have been commended by three governors for their work on the environment. Patti was selected by the Fulbright Foundation for their Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) program in Portland, Oregon. 

Each year her students select an environmental issue and a team name like Team S.P.A.R.K. or G.R.E.E.N. Team, then collaborate on how to educate others about their concern.  Patti differentiates her students’ work by having them make an action plan to solve the issue, and then use their talents to educate others. These projects have led her students to write a legislative resolution, write and sing songs for the grand opening of the new geothermal Evergreen Community Center, write and sing a “Don’t Idle” song for the City’s Anti-Idling Campaign.  Using one of her favorite songs, a remix of the Beatle’s “Let it Be” changed to “Let it Bee CNG/LNG” that they sang at the grand opening of the first LNG fueling station in Utah. They have also designed stickers, made blankets, written stories, and made videos to illustrate why we need to be more sustainable with our natural resources. Her favorite trips with students for the last four years has been to travel to Washington D.C. to accept the National Energy Education and Development (NEED) State Youth Award and the Presidential Environmental Youth Award (PEYA).  Educating her students about their civic rights in their community has given her students many trips to the legislature and her work with Representative Carol Spackman Moss who sponsored HJR5 Joint Resolution on Clean Air. People Magazine featured their work in their Earth Day issue April 26th 2010. Patti will also never forget her meeting with Jane Goodall when her students were asked to present their recycling and anti-idling project to her. This year she took a documentary class from SHIFT and has been enjoying the students’ creative works. She also coached four teams for the Lego League Competition.
Patti loves her supportive husband, and her four children.  She always wanted to be a teacher and has loved educating her students about making a difference in their community.

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